Differences Between Sawsharks & Sawfishes


Sawsharks and sawfishes might have the same characteristics, but they couldn’t be more different from each other.

Here are some differences between sawsharks and sawfishes:

  • Sawsharks are sharks from the order Pristiophoriformes, which is characterized to have “long, blade-like snouts with edged teeth.” On the other hand, sawfishes are rays from the order Pristiformes, which is characterized to have “long, narrow, flattened rostrums.”
  • Sawsharks have pairs of barbels sticking out halfway their snouts, while sawfishes don’t have any barbels on their rostrums. This explains why sawfishes have to mostly rely on their entire rostrums first when catching a prey, as compared to sawsharks that can easily slash and stun a prey without any kind of in-depth locating.
  • Sawsharks have gill slits on their sides, while sawfishes have gill slits on their undersides.
  • Sawsharks have alternate long-and-short teeth (pretty much like those saws found on SawingPros), while sawfishes have the same sizes of teeth.
  • The saw-like teeth of sawsharks are only loosely embedded to their snouts and can easily grow back if lost or damaged, while the saw-like teeth of sawfishes don’t grow back if lost or damaged.
  • There are six species of sawsharks recorded today, with a size of up to of 1.7 meters long and reach of almost 950 meters deep. On the other hand, there are seven species of sawfishes recorded today, with a size of up to 1.4 meters long and the largest one with a size of about 7 meters.
  • Sawsharks mostly live in deep offshore waters, while sawfishes mostly live in shallow coastal waters. This explains why sawfishes are now considered endangered and have more known species.
  • Sawsharks have spiracles and eyes on the side of their heads, while sawfishes have poor eyesight.
  • Sawsharks have two spineless dorsal fins, a pair of dorsal fins, and a pair of pelvic fins. On the other hand, sawfishes have no fused pectoral fins on their heads.

In conclusion, there are lots of differences between sawsharks and sawfishes. However, these differences make them truly unique and truly worthy of being preserved and taken care of. Thus, let’s make it a point to remind ourselves that certain species of fishes like that of sawsharks and sawfishes are better left under the care of Mother Nature itself. Let’s also make it a point to remind others of these creatures’ uniqueness, as well as the fact that they should not be completely endangered or even extinct just because of us.