Inverter Generator: Your Portable Entertainment Booster


For those of you who aren’t familiar, inverter generators are the recent developments regarding alternative sources of energy. Compared to the standard generators we know; these units have more benefits.

Today, we’ll discuss their superiority by answering three questions.

Question #1: Are they really portable?

brute inverter generatorInverters, like the ones reviewed in, are smaller and lighter than the bulky conventional generators. Because of this, they’re easier to bring, use, and keep. Their compact size is what makes them loveable by many as both teenagers and senior citizens can easily handle them.

Unlike standard units, inverter generators aren’t bulky. Most inverters even come with wheels, making them effortless to transport from one place to another.

There may be conventional generators that are so-called portable, but trust me; they’re still heavy and difficult to handle. So, are they really portable? I must say the answer is quite lucid.

Question #2: Is it a good idea to bring one outdoors?

Yes! Aside from the fact that they’re portable, these devices are quiet too. So if you’re camping in a spot where other families or groups are also located, you don’t have to worry about disturbing them. Now, you can’t say the same thing about conventional generators, right? We all know they produce a lot of noise while they run. Besides, even if you’re in a place alone with your family, it would still be much better if you don’t have to deal with the noise of your generator. That way, you can clearly hear what other people are saying.

bearcat inverter generators

Another reason why they’re perfect outdoors is that they can work side by side to bring you more power output. Even if you bring two inverters, you’ll still be bringing a lighter weight compared to when you attempt to take a conventional generator with you. With two inverters, you can power up two appliances (say an HD TV and speakers) at the same time and enjoy an adventure (or a horror) movie outdoors! Perfect!

Question #3: Why is it considered an entertainment booster?

Speaking of appliances, inverters are called entertainment boosters because they can power up even the most delicate electronics, enabling you to use gadgets for fun’s sake. Inverters generate cleaner and higher-quality energy compared to standard units, which means their produced energy is almost at par with the power supplied by the electric company.


Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t use your phone, laptop, tablet, or television. With an inverter, you can take hiking and camping to the next level with the entertainment that gadgets can bring. You can use it to power up your outdoor grill or charge your camera’s battery so you can take more pictures of the beautiful sceneries. Whatever your purpose is, I’m confident that an inverter generator can boost up the entertainment level around you.

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